The Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice returns!

Sailor Moon Crystal retells the origins of Sailor Moon, the kindhearted crybaby destined to protect the world from dark forces. When the evil Queen Metalia and her Dark Kingdom threaten Earth, Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians must find the only power capable of vanquishing this ancient evil—the Legendary Silver Crystal! But a mysterious man calling himself Tuxedo Mask is also after this sacred treasure. What is his connection to Sailor Moon? And will the Sailor Guardians be able to find the Silver Crystal before the world falls into eternal darkness?

This special set includes: Episodes 1-14 + Extras on  2 DVDs.

English dubbed and Japanese language with English subtitles (Video sourced from Japanese home media release).

Release August 16, 2016
UPC 7-82009-24395-3
Imprint VIZ Media
Length 320
Series Sailor Moon
Category TV Series
Age Rating TV-14

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