After the Fall of Dracula

Evil rises again in CastlevaniaSeason 3 on Blu-ray! 

By Urian Brown March 24, 2021

After the fall of a major villain, it’s always a bit tricky to continue a story. Introducing a more powerful villain too soon runs the risk of feeling cheap and robbing the previous villain of their rightful place in the lore. But without the shadow of terror to motivate the heroes, the story may lose excitement. Castlevania, Season 3 manages to pull off the delicate feat of setting up the next major power struggle while still showing reverence to the legendary Dracula.

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When a major force like Dracula falls, there is a vacuum of power that is quickly filled by ambitious characters who wish to taste of that power for themselves. This is where the Council of Sisters come in. Each a powerful vampire, but together their cunning, discipline, and strategy makes them a formidable force. And there are others with ambition, in this case for revenge. The forgemaster Isaac burns with anger now that his master has fallen and seeks to raise an undead army to fulfill his bloody wishes. 

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But what of our heroes? Trevor and Sypha find themselves in a quiet town filled with terrible secrets. One of which happens to be an unholy church that houses a strange and terrifying power within. Meanwhile, Alucard befriends an unlikely pair of warriors from Japan who seek the strength to destroy vampires that have plagued their land as well.

Castlevania S3 Screens 1200x630v3

All these storylines are gracefully interwoven to create a rich gothic tapestry that is sure to satisfy the most demanding fans. The giant battle at the end is worthy of its own legend. Each season continues to build on the last and improve making Castlevania the video game adaptation that raised the bar for a whole genre. And it’s also a bloody good time! 

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