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Tokyo Demon Bride Story

A childhood promise of marriage comes back to haunt a young man. Literally!

Created by Tadaichi Nakama | MoreLess about Tokyo Demon Bride Story

An innocent promise of marriage made between kids comes back in the form of a demon named Manaka knocking at Jinta’s door. As Jinta tries to reconcile his memory of the past, his life is turned upside down by Manaka coming to live with him and his sisters. From there, it’s battle after battle as they fight all manner of supernatural beings!

Tadaichi Nakama is a Japanese manga writer and artist. His one-shots published in Japan are “Tokyo Grind Horror Channel” and “Mahou Shounen X.”

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Tokyo Demon Bride Story, Vol. 1

As Jinta begins to learn more about Manaka and the world of the supernatural, he finds himself surrounded by danger almost every day. But as the chaos of his life grows, so do his feelings for his adorable demonic fiancee!

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