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Dark Gathering

An unwilling magnet for the supernatural and a ghost-hunting girl join forces.

Created by Kenichi Kondo | MoreLess about Dark Gathering

After a dangerous encounter with a malevolent spirit, Keitaro Gentoga wants nothing to do with the supernatural. Unfortunately for this reluctant ghost magnet, he’s stuck helping Yayoi Hozuki, a strange young girl who’s intent on capturing Japan’s most terrifying ghosts and ghouls

Kenichi Kondo got his start working as an assistant for Katsura Hoshino on D.Gray-man. In 2016 he released Cheer Danshi!! -GO BREAKERS-, a serialized manga adaptation of Ryo Asai’s novel Cheer Danshi!! His next project, Dark Gathering, began its serialization in Jump SQ. in 2019.
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Dark Gathering, Vol. 6

With Keitaro still feeling the effects from his close encounter with the Hellbound Sergeant and Eiko shaken by her brush with death, the team takes a much-needed break from their spirit hunting. While Keitaro recovers, Eiko and Yayoi set off to face their deadliest enemy yet—the real estate market!

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