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Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lured into the twisted duels of Ohtori Academy, can Utena become the prince she’s been waiting to meet?

Created by Chiho Saito and Be-Papas | MoreLess about Revolutionary Girl Utena

When mangaka Chiho Saito teamed up with anime director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon) and a group of talented creators to form Be-Papas, it ignited a firestorm of creative and imaginative storytelling that resulted in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a modern classic.

Chiho Saito was born June 29th in Tokyo. In 1982 she debuted with Ken to Mademoiselle. Her many works include Green Apple Labyrinth and Waltz wa Shiroi Doresu De (Waltz in a White Dress). She won the 42nd Shogakukan Manga award for Kanon. In 1997, Revolutionary Girl Utena became a groundbreaking anime series.
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Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution

Utena has saved Anthy by defeating Akio in the final duel, but in doing so she has vanished from the world. Now the student council members at Ohtori Academy find themselves in their own revolutions.

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