Fushigi Yûgi
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Fushigi Yûgi

The original classic that defined the shojo fantasy adventure genre!

Created by Yuu Watase | MoreLess about Fushigi Yûgi

Miaka, a regular girl in junior high, is transported into a fictional version of ancient China through a mysterious book. She encounters base villains and dashing heroes, and still manages to worry about her grades and where her next banquet is coming from.

Yuu Watase debuted in the Shôjo Comic manga anthology in 1989. She won the 43rd Shogakukan Manga Award with Ceres: Celestial Legend. One of her most famous works is Fushigi Yûgi, a series that has inspired the prequel Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden. In 2008, Arata: The Legend started serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

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Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden, Vol. 12

The time has come for Takiko to assume the powers of the priestess and summon Genbu. As war and disaster break out around her, she must choose the three wishes that will save the Universe of the Four Gods. But according to prophecy, to summon a god the priestess must die…

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