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Hikaru no Go 75: A Nostalgic Smile (Dubbed)

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Hikaru no Go 74: The Power Within (Dubbed)

Hikaru no Go 73: Shindo Vs. Toya (Dubbed)

Hikaru no Go 72: The Race Is On (Dubbed)

Hikaru no Go 71: Making a Comeback (Dubbed)

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blanc et noir

A collection of best-selling artist Takeshi Obata’s work from 2001–2006, which contains definitive illustrations from popular series Death Note and Hikaru no Go. This gorgeous oversized art book is encased in a silver-stamped slipcase and is stuffed with 132 pages of full-color art, several massive foldout posters, special papers and 12 pages of artist commentary, including a “how to draw” section. It also includes three large double-sided laminated posters. This incredibly special art book is being offered as a limited edition print run of 10,000 copies.

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