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The Prince of Tennis

A tennis prodigy leads his club to victory at the national tournament.

Created by Takeshi Konomi | MoreLess about The Prince of Tennis

Four-time consecutive U.S. Junior tournament champ Ryoma Echizen comes to Seishun Academy to further his reign as The Prince of Tennis. His skill is matched only by his attitude—irking some but impressing all as he leads his team to the Nationals and beyond!

Takeshi Konomi exploded onto the manga scene with the incredible The Prince of Tennis. His refined art style and sleek character designs proved popular with Weekly Shonen Jump readers, and The Prince of Tennis became the number one sports manga in Japan almost overnight. Its cast of fascinating male tennis players attracted legions of female readers even though it was originally intended to be a boys’ comic. The manga continues to be a success in Japan and has inspired a hit anime series, as well as several video games and mountains of merchandise.

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The Prince of Tennis 50: A Seigaku Tradition (Dubbed)

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The Prince of Tennis, Vol. 42

Final Volume!

The Seishun boys are just one match away from the national title! Ryoma brings out every shot he knows against Seiichi “Child of the Gods” Yukimura. But Yukimura's strange powers cause Ryoma to lose his sense of touch, then his sight. Swinging blindly, his hearing even begins to fail. Can Ryoma come back to win the Nationals for Seishun, or does he “still have a long ways to go”?!

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