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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind, Megalobox, One Punch Man (dubs!), and oh so much more! What’s your favorite platform?

By VIZ Media October 23, 2018


Hello anime fans! Today we’re excited to bring you a massive update about our latest streaming anime offerings. There are a ton of new shows both dubbed and subbed now up on various streaming platforms, so be sure to check below for more info on your favorite shows. (Hulu,, VUDU and Pluto are U.S. only. Tubi.TV is available in the U.S. and Canada.)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Season 4 - Golden Wind (New Episodes Weekly!)

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New subbed episodes Fridays at 10:30 am PT on Tubi.TV. Also available on Pluto’s Anime All Day channel and VUDU.

Part 4 of the legendary JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series is finally here! Journey to Italy and follow the story of Giorno Giovanna, son of Dio Brando, as he rises in the ranks of the Italian mafia.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Season 1 - Phantom Blood/Battle Tendencies (Episodes 1-26)

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Dubbed versions of season 1 (episodes 1-26) now available on Hulu and (subs also available).

Go back to where it all started, featuring both the Phantom blood and Battle tendencies arcs, witness the origins of the Joestar family as well as the rise of Dio.

Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Phantom Blood/Battle Tendencies on now.

Megalobox (Episodes 1-13)

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Subbed versions of episodes 1-13 now available for streaming on Hulu,, Tubi.TV, VUDU and Pluto.

Follow “Junk Dog” as he rises in the ranks of the ultimate futuristic blood sport: Megalobox.

Watch Megalobox on now.

One Punch Man, Season 1 (Episodes 1-13)

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Dubbed versions of season 1 (episodes 1-13) now available for streaming on Hulu and (subs also available). (Available on Netflix in Canada only.)

Follow Saitama as he punches his way through hordes of monsters and villains in search of a worthy opponent.

Watch One Punch Man on now.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (New Episodes Weekly!)

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Subbed versions of new episodes available on Hulu and

The next generation is here! Join Boruto and his friends as he forges his own path in a changing Ninja world.

Watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on now.

Naruto Shippuden (Episodes 98-127)

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Dubbed versions of episodes 98-127 now available on Hulu and (subs also available).

In these episodes, Sasuke assembles the Taka and sets out to hunt down Itachi, plus more of Jiraiya’s backstory is revealed as he hunts down the enigmatic Akatsuki member Pain.

Watch Naruto Shippuden on now.

Sailor Moon S (Episodes 90-127)

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Dubbed versions of episodes 90-127 available on Hulu and starting November 1st (subs also available).

A new threat in the form of the Death Busters has emerged and as the Sailor Guardians race to stop their insidious plan. New guardians Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus join the fray.

K: Return of Kings (Episodes 1-13)


Dubbed version of episodes 1-13 available on Hulu and starting November 1st (subs also available).

The thrilling 2nd season of K is here! The Green Clan throws the world into chaos as Shiro and the remaining kings must band together to prevent the destruction of the Dresden Slate.

Hunter X Hunter (Episodes 1-52) 

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Dubbed versions of episodes 1-52 available on Hulu and (subs also available).

The classic Shonen Jump hit is now available dubbed! Episodes 1-52 contains the origins of Gon’s epic journey featuring the perilous Hunter Exam and the exciting showdown with the Phantom Troupe in York New.

Watch Hunter x Hunter on now.