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Man and machine collide in the ultimate blood sport!

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The protagonist of the story is a young man with no origin and known only by his ring name: “JNK.DOG”. He survives by fighting in rigged, underground matches of a sport called Megalobox, a form of fighting utilizing powered exoskeletons.

JD is bored, resigned and unfulfilled—until the day he encounters Yuri, the reigning champion of the official Megalobox sport.

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Megalobox 13: Round 13 - Born to Die (Subtitled)

Previous episodes

Megalobox 12: Round 12 - Leap Over the Edge of Death (Subtitled)

Megalobox 11: Round 11 - A Deadmarch (Subtitled)

Megalobox 10: Round 10 - The Die is Cast (Subtitled)

Megalobox 9: Round 9 - A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom (Subtitled)

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