Monkey Business!

This card will have every Duelist going ape!

By John Bae March 16, 2017

0316 ygo 0

One of the most exciting things about the Special Edition versions of the 100-card booster sets is that they pull cards from the next booster set and release them into the wild a couple months early! Some of them, like Zoodiac Kataroost, complete cycles of cards started in the current booster set. Others introduce a new spark into the Deck-building process that could change the way the game is played right away. Baobaoon from Raging Tempest Special Edition is the latter.

0316 Ygo 1Baobaboon is the kind of card that when you play it, you play three copies of it. If it’s Normal or Special Summoned, you can draw one card, then put any card from your hand on the top or bottom of your Deck. It’s a good effect for putting the cards you normally want to search for, like Speedroid Taketomborg or the “Metalfoes” Spell/Trap Cards, back into the Deck while replacing them with a card you can hopefully use right away. But that’s not all: if Baobaboon is destroyed, you can Summon the rest of the Baobaboons from your Deck and use their abilities to fix your hand even further!

Baobaboon works best when you can destroy it yourself with a card effect while gaining some kind of benefit. Cards like Sky Iris or the “Metalfoes” Pendulum Monsters can destroy it to search for more cards. Zoodiac Barrage and the “True King” monsters can destroy it as part of a Special Summoning effect. Fixing your hand, fueling your key card effects and then leaving behind two Level 3 monsters to use for whatever kind of Summon you see fit is huge, especially considering the impact Rank 3 Xyz Monsters like M-X-Saber Invoker or The Phantom Knights of Break Sword can make on a Duel.

Raging Tempest Special Edition will be available on March 17!