Out-of-this-World Card!

Check out this latest card that will send your Dueling game to infinity and beyond!

By John Bae December 13, 2018

An out-of-this-world Neo-Spacian support is available in the Soul Fusion Special Edition! Each Soul Fusion Special Edition includes one of two Super Rare preview cards from the upcoming Savage Strike booster set. One of those cards is the otherworldly Neo Space Connector! Neo Space Connector bridges the gap between Neo Space and the Dueling field, allowing Duelists to easily Summon the cards they need to help them call forth their greatest Fusion Monsters!

1130 Ygo 1Neo Space Connector is a Level 4 Warrior with two awesome effects that fit the Neo-Spacian and Elemental HERO themes. First, when Neo Space Connector is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon a “Neo-Spacian” monster or an Elemental HERO Neos from your hand or Deck in Defense Position. Second, you can Tribute Neo Space Connector to target a “Neo-Spacian” monster or an Elemental HERO Neos in your Graveyard and Special Summon it in Defense Position. Each of Neo Space Connector’s two effects can be used once per turn.

In total, a single Neo Space Connector will let you Special Summon a combination of two Neo-Spacian or Elemental HERO Neos monsters to the field—one from your hand or Deck and one from your Graveyard. That’s a big deal for Neo-Spacian and Elemental HERO Decks. Duelists wielding those Decks count on having multiple monsters at their disposal so that they can combine those monsters in a Fusion Summon. Without the necessary Fusion Materials, Decks that incorporate a Fusion Summoning strategy (like Elemental HERO Decks) are unable to Summon their strongest monsters to the field. By using Neo Space Connector, you can make sure you always have the Fusion Materials you need.

Lots of Fusion Monsters that include Neo-Spacian monsters as Fusion Materials simply require you to have the necessary Fusion Materials on the field in order to Special Summon them from the Extra Deck. Those Fusion Monsters don’t require you to use a Fusion Spell Card like Polymerization, and sometimes have awesome effects. Elemental HERO Nebula Neos, for example (available in the 2018 Mega-Tin for Jaden) uses Elemental HERO Neos, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Neo-Spacian Dark Panther as Fusion Materials. You can Summon it by shuffling those three Fusion Materials from your field back into your Deck. After it’s Summoned, Nebula Neos can draw a bunch of cards, negate a face-up card, and banish your opponent’s entire field. By Summoning two of those Fusion Materials with ease, Neo Space Connector can help turn the dream of Summoning Nebula Neos into a reality.

Even though Neo Space Connector specifically works with “Neo-Spacian” monsters and Neos, it can facilitate Fusion Summons in any Deck that uses Elemental HERO monsters, as long as some of the monsters in that Deck include “Neo-Spacian” monsters and/or Neos. Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, Elemental HERO Gaia and Elemental HERO The Shining, for example, can each be Summoned by fusing together two monsters—a HERO or Elemental HERO, plus a monster of a specific Attribute. By Special Summoning Elemental HERO Neos plus another monster with its effects, Neo Space Connector is single-handedly able to Special Summon the Fusion Materials for each of those monsters. Just use a Fusion Spell Card like Polymerization or Miracle Fusion to combine those monsters into the Fusion Monster you want to Summon.

Neo Space Connector gives a big boost to Neo-Spacian and HERO strategies. You can get a Super Rare copy of it in the Soul Fusion Special Edition in stores now!