Dragons of Legend 2!

Channel your inner Pegasus and Toon the world out!

By John Bae July 01, 2015

Dragons of Legend 2 offers a stunning tribute to the in-universe creator of the Duel Monsters game, Maximillion Pegasus! It’s been more than a decade since Pegasus’ Toons first terrorized Seto Kaiba, and now the remainder of his cards, said in the anime and manga to be far too powerful to ever be put into circulation, have arrived!

Mimicat, also known as “The Doppleganger,” was the joker in Pegasus’s Deck—a wild card that could become any card, as long as the opponent had played that card already! If you control Toon World and a Toon monster, Mimicat lets you take any one card from your opponent’s Graveyard and play it to your side of the field. Monsters are Special Summoned to your side of the field immediately. Spells and Traps are Set on your side of the field, so you can choose when you want to activate them. Pegasus first used Mimicat to copy Kaiba’s Crush Card Virus and wipe out all his monsters, and you can do the same with incredibly powerful, commonly used cards like Raigeki!

Ygo Goodtoons 1

During one of his appearances in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Pegasus debuted a new home for his Toons to replace the original Toon World. Toon Kingdom was Toon World with benefits, and it’s making its real life debut in Dragons of Legend 2! You banish the top three cards of your Deck, face-down, when Toon Kingdom resolves, but afterwards its name changes to Toon World and starts offering incredible defensive abilities to your Toon monsters. First, your Toons can’t be targeted by your opponent’s card effects while Toon Kingdom is active. While Kaiba was able to use Shadow Spell to pin down Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon while regular Toon World was in play, that same trick won’t work with Toon Kingdom active! Secondly, your Toons can now evade destruction as much as you want by banishing one card from the top of your Deck, face-down, each time a Toon would be destroyed.

Ygo Goodtoons 2

Toon Kingdom is the perfect Field Spell to house the new Toon Empire, but what’s an Empire without citizens? Any monster that Pegasus got his hands on could become a Toon, and now you can make all your opponent’s monsters much more adorable, and much more obedient...by snatching them away with Comic Hand! Comic Hand can be played while you control Toon World to take command of one of your opponent’s monsters and turn it into a Toon! It also gains the ability to attack directly while your opponent has no Toon monsters that’s shared by all the Toons.

In addition to these three cards, Dragons of Legend 2 has five more cards from Pegasus’ Deck. In addition to that, starting in this summer’s Clash of Rebellions, even more brand new Toon monsters will be released! 

If you’ve ever wanted to wield the same power as the creator of Duel Monsters himself, you can get started when Dragons of Legend 2 on July 17!