Cyber Dragon Infinity

Get one of the hottest cards from Breakers of ShadowCyber Dragon Infinity!

By John Bae January 21, 2016

Cyber Dragon Infinity is one of the hottest cards in Breakers of Shadow, and Duelists everywhere are looking for ways they can add it to their own Deck!

Cyber Dragon Infinity is a Rank 6 Xyz Monster that absorbs other monsters as Xyz Material like Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and then detaches them to negate enemy cards and effects. Normally you’d need to use three Level 6 LIGHT Machine-Type monsters to Summon it, which is nearly impossible because out of the nearly eight thousand cards in existence there are only three Level 6 LIGHT Machine-Type monsters that you can put in your Main Deck to begin with!

Ygo Inifinity 1

Fortunately, Cyber Dragon Infinity can also be Summoned by using Cyber Dragon Nova from the Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck as Xyz Material. That makes things much easier since it’s way easier to Summon two Level 5 Machine-Type monsters than three Level 6 LIGHT Machine-Type monsters. In addition to using Cyber Dragon, you can also use cards like Kozmo Sliprider, making Cyber Dragon Infinity a great addition to Kozmo Decks.

Ygo Inifinity 2

The new Machine-Type “Dinomist” Pendulum Monsters from Breakers of Shadow are also great for Summoning Cyber Dragon Infinity. Not only do they have multiple Level 5 monsters, all of which are Machine-Type, they also Summon a lot of Level 4 monsters as well that can be used as Xyz Material for Tellarknight Ptolemaeus. Once you have at least three Xyz Materials on Tellarknight Ptolemaeus, it can be upgraded to Cyber Dragon Nova, which can then be upgraded to Cyber Dragon Infinity.

Cyber Dragon Infinity is poised to become a huge part of Dueling over the next few months! Take a look at your own Deck to see if you can meet the requirements to Summon this mighty monster, because if you can, it’s totally worth it! And even if you can’t, making the changes so that you can is easier than you might think.

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