Bridging the gap between the graphic novel and Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha.
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Bridging the gap between the graphic novel and Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha.

In a savage world ruled by the pursuit of the most delicious foods, it’s either eat or be eaten! While searching for the tastiest foods imaginable, Gourmet Hunter Toriko and his bottomless stomach travel around the world facing every beast in his way.

At the behest of Gourmet Living Legend Setsuno, Toriko and Komatsu are on a freezing continent called “Ice Hell” trying to find Century Soup. But they’re not alone since Colonel Mokkoi has offered an exorbitant reward to anyone who can get it. The notorious Gourmet Corp. is also targeting Century Soup, dispatching Vice-Chef Tommyrod to obtain the soup. What’ll happen when this high-ranking bugged-out villain squares off against Toriko?!

SetsunoKomatsuColonel MokkoiTommyrod 

The frenzy to obtain the soup reaches its climax when Komatsu discovers the last bit of soup, only to have it stolen by a micro-sized GT Robot riding on an insect! Teppei, a mysterious Gourmet Reviver (conservationists who protect rare foods from overhunting), produces some final drops of Century Soup for Komatsu to drink. Now it’s up to Komatsu to figure out how to recreate it...

Toriko loses an arm in the crazy battle for the Century Soup, so he heads to Life, the Country of Healing, while Komatsu leaves to begin his quest to recreate Century Soup. While there, Toriko bumps into his friend Sunny of the Four Kings and Teppei’s master, Yosaku the Reviver. Yosaku can help Toriko regenerate his arm, but it can take up to 20 years to do so! Meanwhile, Komatsu is hard at work recreating the soup, but Setsuno thinks it’ll also take him 20 years to do so! Can the duo wait that long?!

GT RobotTeppeiSunnyYosaku 

After the Century Soup ordeal, Toriko visits IGO President Ichiryu. Toriko learns more about the legendary Gourmet God who discovered Gourmet Cells, Acacia. Ichiryu then tells Toriko that the legendary food known simply as “God” is real. The food was quite volatile, with its savory succulence able to start and stop wars. To obtain God, one must venture into the uncharted territory of the Gourmet World, but Toriko’s not strong enough to survive there yet.

To help him get stronger, Ichiryu sends Toriko on different food quests for his training. First up on the menu: Ozone Grass, a possible salad entry on Toriko’s dream Full-Course Meal! Toriko and Komatsu journey up to Vegetable Sky to find Ozone Grass, but they have to deal with strange and dangerous beasts as well as a creature that resembles the GT Robot! During this perilous journey, Toriko asks Komatsu to officially become his food partner, since every Gourmet Hunter needs a good chef to prepare the ingredients.

IGO President IchiryuAcacia   

Despite the president’s warning, Toriko goes to the Gourmet World. Upon arriving and despite his inhuman strength, Toriko has a hard time even moving his body! After narrowly escaping some creatures with immeasurable Capture Levels, Toriko realizes he’s in way over his head! And just when another dangerous creature attacks him, he’s saved by Knocking Master Jiro! Toriko vows to return one day with Komatsu by his side. Meanwhile, Komatsu breaks his knife while preparing a meal. Coincidentally, their next task at hand is to retrieve Melk Stardust from the famous cutler Melk!

At Melk Mountain, the pair meets a young man who claims to be Melk. However, suspicion arises, since the stranger appears to be too young and weak. Toriko easily defeats the fraud and demands to know the real Melk’s whereabouts. The fraud turns out to be the former Melk’s young apprentice who is awaiting his return. The former Melk set off six years ago to find the whetstone known as Melk Stardust. It turns out that the golden powder that comes out when sharpening knives is the ingredient the duo is after! After an arduous journey, Toriko finally meets Melk! But can they return intact with the Melk Stardust?

Knocking Master JiroFake MelkMelk  

The next ingredient on their training list is Mellow Cola. However, Toriko thinks they’ll need some help from Zebra, another of the Four Kings, but there’s a bit of a problem... Zebra’s behind bars in a Gourmet Prison! Despite his intimidating appearance and notorious reputation, Komatsu finds out that Zebra went to prison for making 28 species extinct, but they were severely damaging the ecosystem.

The trio sets off to Gourmet Pyramid to obtain Mellow Cola. Zebra’s extraordinary sonic powers help guide them through the maze, but Komatsu gets lost in a pit of quicksand when they pass through the tricky Desert Labyrinth.


Luckily, the place he ends up is just where they were aiming for: the basement level of Gourmet Pyramid! Now Toriko and Zebra just have to find Komatsu, a task made easier with the help of Zebra’s echolocation technique.

Although Komatsu has incredible food luck, he finds himself face-to-face with the fearsome Salamander Sphinx! Just in the nick of time, Toriko and Zebra come crashing in to rescue Komatsu. And it just so happens that the creature reeks of cola! While they’re battling the sphinx, another insanely strong and mysterious creature joins the fray—a Nitro! It turns out that Nitros know how to obtain God, and the Gourmet Corp. boss Midora is trying to find God by baiting them.

Salamander SphinxNitroGourmet Corp. Boss Midora  

With Sunny’s help, Toriko and Komatsu go after the next item on the training list, a glittering fish called the Shining Gourami. Braving the impenetrable Death Falls where the fish lives is easier with the help of Queen, Sunny’s new giant pet snake, and some powerful new techniques that Toriko and Sunny have mastered. Meanwhile, Gourmet Corp. starts to collect the world’s best chefs in preparation for when it acquires God, including Komatsu's chef friend Otake.


Toriko, Komatsu, and Coco head to Gourmet Casino, which is run by the Underground Cooking World (UCW). They’re there to find the ingredient Atom, but they soon learn that the Underground Cooking World is poisoning food and trafficking illegal ingredients and narcotics! They infiltrate the casino and meet the man behind the notorious organization—Livebearer. If they are to survive and defeat the UCW, they’ll have to beat Livebearer in a game where he has the decided advantage! Livebearer also reveals to Coco that he should seek out Joie, the personal chef to the King of Jiddal and the person who can help them find Atom.

CocoLivebearerJoieKing of Jiddal 

What will happen to Toriko and Komatsu next? Find out in Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha!

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