Want to Become a God?

Just follow these simple rules from Platinum End

By Urian Brown May 09, 2018

So you want to become a god? Well, it's not easy! It's a very dangerous process and most who try die. But if you have the fortitude, just follow these tips from the manga Platinum End

First of all, in order to even be chosen as a god candidate, you must have lost the will to live. Now, apart from this interesting prerequisite, the rules of the game are simple enough: within a period of 999 days, among 13 humans chosen by 13 angels, the most suitable candidate will be given the position of god. Easy peasy, right? Turns out that there are a slew of other rules involving angel wings and arrows. Of course, for whoever aspires to be god, just wanting it isn’t enough.


The rank of your angel dictates the tools at your disposal. There are special-rank angels, first-rank angels and second-rank angels. Special-rank angels can bestow all three tools, wings, red arrows and white arrows.First-rank angels can bestow wings and red arrows, and second-rank angels can only bestow red arrows. Mirai, the main character of the manga, has a special-rank angel that initially gives him a choice between arrows or wings. The god candidates who possess all three tools have more power, but that doesn't necessarily mean victory. There’s more to god-worthiness than wings or arrows.

Angel wings are the most self-explanatory. With these wings, Mirai can fly at faster-than-sight speed, faster than even the arrows. Only god candidates can see another’s wings, but not all god candidates have wings. Wings grant freedom, what with the ability to travel wherever, whenever. If you’d like a companion, good news—god candidates can carry one other person with them while flying, but no more than one. Perfect for stargazing or watching the sunset.


But if that’s not enough to make your crush fall in love, then thank god for red arrows. Pierce someone with a red arrow and they will fall in love with you for 33 days. A god candidate’s red arrows can pierce up to 14 people at a time, and a different red arrow cannot pierce someone who is already pierced. If the shooter dies, the red arrow returns to its owner and the love spell will break. Red arrows are about more than just love, though—the person you’ve pierced will most likely be willing to do whatever you wish them to do out of their passion. That’s the real power of love…

So, you could tell someone pierced with a red arrow to kill anyone, and they could do it. But if even that doesn’t work out, white arrows can kill without fail. It’s ironic that the first requirement to become a god candidate is to lose the hope to live and certain candidates are given the ability to take away life. Freedom, love and life are all in the hands of god, so to speak.


Apart from those tools and rules, the actual election of the next god is left rather unclear. Do all the candidates have to duke it out in battle royal fashion until the 999 days end? Or can a more diplomatic, democratic approach be used? Perhaps this competition is less about power, but about enduring and living until the very end. 

There's only one way to find out how to become a  god, read Platinum End, Volume 5 available now! 

by Jessica Kim