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World Piece

After discovering an ancient artifact, Lucas holds the world in his hands—literally.

Created by Josh Tierney and Agroshka | MoreLess about World Piece

Lucas Densen has earned his easygoing reputation through hard work and optimism. When not playing basketball for his high school team, the Pulsars, Lucas enjoys visiting his mother’s archaeological excavations. During one visit, Lucas accidentally triggers an ancient alien artifact that suddenly transforms Earth into a small glowing orb no larger than a basketball! Transported to a mysterious realm with nothing but what’s on his back and the planet in his hands, Lucas encounters a friendly alien, Lully, who offers to help. What awaits him in this new realm where worlds are the size of your palm, and can he find out how to restore Earth?

Josh Tierney resides in Ontario, Canada, with his daughter, son and cat, where they consume a steady diet of anime and manga. He is the creator of the fantasy graphic novel series Spera, which was nominated for Eisner, Shuster, Harvey and Diamond Gem Awards, as well as the high school mystery webcomic Warm Blood.

Agroshka is an illustrator from Poland whose previous work includes book illustrations, album covers and video game concept art. She has previously collaborated with Josh Tierney on the webcomic Warm Blood. World Piece is her first graphic novel series.
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World Piece, Vol. 3

Lucas comes face-to-face with the Nurulans, the aliens responsible for creating the artifacts that are shrinking planets across the universe. Their leader demands that Earth be turned over, leaving Lucas, Lully, and Mitton no choice but to accept an unlikely alliance with a rebellious Nurulan, Exxo. Not all is smooth sailing when the world thief Sylvian reappears and activates a Nurulan artifact, throwing them all into the Black Gateway! Can the new group trust each other enough to navigate out of the gateway and get back to finding a way to restore Earth?

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