Kagome lives a double life as present-day schoolgirl and feudal-era demon-slayer. Together with half-demon Inuyasha and friends, she continues the quest to collect the shards of the Sacred Jewel. With the threat of archenemy Naraku lurking at every turn, our heroes must face an array of foes, including a jealous dark priestess, an evil mountain sage, giant ogres, and deadly traps. Come join the adventure in the thrilling third season of INUYASHA.Disc 1:Episode 55: The Stone Flower and Shippo's First LoveEpisode 56: Temptress in the MistEpisode 57: Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 1Episode 58: Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part 2Episode 59: The Beautiful Sister ApprenticesDisc 2:Episode 60: The 50 years-old Curse of the Dark PriestessEpisode 61: Kikyo and the Dark PriestessEpisode 62: Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil SpellEpisode 63: The Red and White PriestessesEpisode 64: Giant Ogre of the Forbidden TowerDisc 3:Episode 65: Farewell Days of My YouthEpisode 66: Naraku's Barrier - Kagura's DecisionEpisode 67: The Howling Wind of BetrayalEpisode 68: Shippo Gets an Angry ChallengeEpisode 69: Terror of the Faceless ManDisc 4:Episode 70: Onigumo's Memory RestoredEpisode 71: Three-Sided Battle to the DeathEpisode 72: Totosai's Rigid TrainingEpisode 73: Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's FeelingsEpidode 74: The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier!Episode 75: The Plot of the Panther DevasDisc 5:Episode 76: Target: Sesshomaru and InuyashaEpisode 77: The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the FangEpisode 78: Only You, SangoEpisode 79: Jaken's Plan to Steal TetsusaigaEpisode 80: Sesshomaru and the Abducted RinEpisode 81: Vanished Point: Naraku DisappearsSpecial Features: - Special Footage - Textless Opening & EndingBilingual (Japanese & English)English Subtitles

Release September 12, 2006
UPC 7-82009-23525-5
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-0785-9
Imprint VIZ Media
Length 675 min.
Series Inuyasha
Category TV Series
Age Rating   Teen