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Humans turned genetic superheroes fight crime—and compete as reality TV stars?!

Art by Mizuki Sakakibara; Planning /Story by Sunrise; Original Script by Masafumi Nishida; Original Character and Hero Design by Masakazu Katsura | MoreLess about TIGER & BUNNY

Superpowered humans known as NEXT appeared in the world 45 years ago. Some of them fight crime in the city of Stern Bild while promoting their corporate sponsors on the hit show HERO TV. The people love their superheroes, even if they don’t completely understand them, and not all of the NEXT use their powers for good.

Mizuki Sakakibara’s American comics debut was Marvel’s Exile in 2002.

Masafumi Nishida is well known for the movie Gachi☆Boy and the Japanese TV dramas Maoh, Kaibutsu-kun, and Youkai Ningen Bem.

Masakazu Katsura is well known for the manga series WING MAN, Denei Shojo (Video Girl Ai), I”s, and ZETMAN as well as character designs for TIGER & BUNNY. Katsura’s works have been translated into several languages, including Chinese and French, as well as English.
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Veteran hero Wild Tiger has years of experience fighting crime, but his ratings have been slipping. Under orders from his new employer, Wild Tiger finds himself forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a rookie with an attitude. Overcoming their differences will be at least as difficult for this mismatched duo as taking down superpowered bad guys!

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