Sweet Blue Flowers
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Sweet Blue Flowers

A genre-defining saga of love and friendship between girls.

Created by Takako Shimura | MoreLess about Sweet Blue Flowers

Akira Okudaira is starting high school and is ready for exciting new experiences. And on the first day of school, she runs into her best friend from kindergarten at the train station! Now Akira and Fumi have the chance to rekindle their friendship, but life has gotten a lot more complicated since they were kids…

Takako Shimura debuted in 1997 with the one-shot Boku wa, Onnanoko (I’m a Girl), a collection of short stories about queer youth. She is known for stories focusing on LGBTQ topics, including the critically acclaimed Wandering Son.
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Sweet Blue Flowers, Vol. 4

Fumi is elated now that she and Akira are dating, but she’s also terrified that her desires will lead her to do something Akira doesn’t like. But Fumi’s feelings for her friend aren’t chaste, so how can she reconcile her seemingly contradictory impulses? Akira, meanwhile, finds dating her best friend much more serious than she expected. Will taking their relationship to the next level bring them closer or ruin things forever?

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