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Super Smartphone

What secrets will Kyu uncover with the power of a super smartphone?

Created by Hiroki Tomisawa and Kentaro Hidano | MoreLess about Super Smartphone

What would you do with the power of a super smartphone? The bored genius Kyu Sagurada harnesses his superphone’s unlimited search technology to solve crimes and keep his friends safe! But how will he fare against other owners who abuse their phones’ powers for nefarious deeds?

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Super Smartphone, Vol. 1

Kyu Sagurada may be brilliant, but he’s taking the lazy route through high school—at least until he stumbles across a phone that can search through any and all information on earth. To curb his boredom, he starts solving local crimes and cold cases. But he soon finds out that his superphone might be the only lead on a cold case near and dear to his heart—the disappearance of his younger brother seven years ago!

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