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An unlikely romance has planet-sized consequences!

Created by Hideo Shinkai | MoreLess about Earthchild

Kareri Hoshifuri is an Earthchild, a special human imbued with powers by the earth itself. As an Earthchild, she spends all her time on classified missions to keep the planet safe. But one day, she happens to save the life of high schooler Reisuke Sawada, a stubborn guy who falls helplessly in love with her!

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Earthchild, Vol. 1

After Kareri saves Reisuke’s life, one thing leads to another, and before long, the two are hopelessly in love. But an impending, humanity-ending crisis doesn’t much care about their romance! Kareri must fulfill her duty to the planet, while Reisuke can only hope for her safe return. What does fate have in store for the couple?!

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