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Spell of Desire

A fraught romance between a witch and her knight, from the creator of Midnight Secretary!

Created by Tomu Ohmi | MoreLess about Spell of Desire

Kaoruko Mochizuki runs an herb shop in a small seaside town. One day, a mysterious man dressed in black named Kaname Hibiki enters her shop and reveals that Kaoruko is actually a witch. And what’s more, Kaoruko needs Kaname to help control her awakening power!

Tomu Ohmi debuted in 2000 with the supernatural josei manga Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Let’s Make Forbidden Love). She is the creator of Midnight Secretary and Spell of Desire, available from VIZ Media.

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Final Volume!

Spell of Desire, Vol. 5

When the Witch Queen awakens, Kaname is punished for falling in love with Kaoruko and betraying the Witch Queen! Kaname has his five senses and his memories of Kaoruko stripped from him, and Kaoruko is in despair… Can the two lovers find a way to break such a powerful spell and stay together?

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