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Rosen Blood

Stella becomes imperiled by her rescuers—a group of gorgeous young men, thirsty for blood.

Created by Kachiru Ishizue | MoreLess about Rosen Blood

After a horrific carriage accident, Stella Violetta awakens in a Gothic mansion to find that her saviors are gorgeous young men. The manor’s residents let her stay as a maid, but Stella soon realizes that their allure hides a savage thirst.

Born on October 12 in Yamanashi Prefecture, Kachiru Ishizue is a Libra with blood type O. She is the author of Kuutei Kaiko Toshi (Airborne Nostalgia City) and also works as an illustrator. Rosen Blood is her first work published in English. Her Twitter handle is @kachiru_i.

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Final Volume!

Rosen Blood, Vol. 5

Claude and Friedrich take desperate measures as they vie for Stella’s affection, but she only has eyes for Levi. This frantic battle for her heart leads to further bloodshed and forces Stella to make a big decision. Can her love for Levi last in the face of unrelenting obstacles?

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