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As Ai begins her second year of high school, the influx of pretty freshman girls means fiercer competition for her boyfriend Sô's heart. The rising tension magnifies Ai's insecurities, and she lashes out at the new students! Could her tantrum make her the school's laughingstock again? Meanwhile, when Sô learns that another suitor is pursuing Ai, cracks in his usually cool demeanor expose a nasty jealous streak. But even if Ai can forgive Sô's boorish behavior, the lovebirds won't be out of jeopardy because a mysterious interloper is determined to break them up!

Story and Art by Kaneyoshi Izumi
Release September 8, 2005
UPC 7-82009-22663-5
ISBN-13 978-1-59116-984-0
eISBN-13 978-1-4215-7200-0
Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2
Imprint VIZ Media
Length 192 pages
Series Doubt!!
Category Manga
Age Rating   Teen Plus