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Cipher Academy

Iroha Irohazaka’s puzzling new life begins at Cipher Academy, a school for code breakers!

Created by Nisioisin and Yuji Iwasaki | MoreLess about Cipher Academy

During World War II, a cryptanalysis unit was formed to intercept and analyze classified information, helping the Allies gain an upper hand. Time passes, and a new school in Japan is established to train soldiers in the art of code deciphering in preparation for the next great war. This is Cipher Academy!

NISIOISIN is a pseudonymous Japanese novelist, manga author, and screenplay writer. NISIOISIN debuted in 2002 with the novel The Beheading Cycle, which won the Mephisto Prize. In 2005, he began his long-running Monogatari novel series, which was later adapted as a highly-successful animated series. He previously worked on the Weekly Shonen Jump series Medaka Box.

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Cipher Academy, Vol. 2

Iroha advances from the first round of the battle to decide who will lead the class. But before the next stage begins, Iroha has the opportunity to stop a small war. However, he’s confronted by a member of Toshusai’s faction, Yugata, who challenges him to a traumatic code duel!

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