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Cipher Academy

Iroha Irohazaka’s puzzling new life begins at Cipher Academy, a school for code breakers!

Created by Nisioisin and Yuji Iwasaki | MoreLess about Cipher Academy

During World War II, a cryptanalysis unit was formed to intercept and analyze classified information, helping the Allies gain an upper hand. Time passes, and a new school in Japan is established to train soldiers in the art of code deciphering in preparation for the next great war. This is Cipher Academy!

NISIOISIN is a pseudonymous Japanese novelist, manga author, and screenplay writer. NISIOISIN debuted in 2002 with the novel The Beheading Cycle, which won the Mephisto Prize. In 2005, he began his long-running Monogatari novel series, which was later adapted as a highly-successful animated series. He previously worked on the Weekly Shonen Jump series Medaka Box.

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Cipher Academy, Vol. 1

Welcome to Cipher Academy, a military academy where cipher soldiers are trained to decipher codes in preparation for coming wars. Iroha Irohazaka enrolls there unwittingly and struggles to keep up in class. Despite the inauspicious start, however, Iroha might very well be the key to ending all wars!

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