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Shonen Jump Chapters 5/23/2021

Can Kawaki join the squad without egos clashing in this week's Boruto? Also, who is the greatest warrior in the universe?  Goku meets his match in Dragon Ball Super. Read these and much more!

Shonen Jump Chapters 04/18/2021

Ever wonder what would happen if the world was taken over by candy and sweets? Find out in the new series, Candy Flurry! Plus, Mash continues his one-on-one battle with Margarette in Mashle: Magic and Muscles!

Shonen Jump Chapters 04/11/2021

Badminton player Taiki Inomata shoots his shot with the school's best basketball player in the new series Blue Box! Meanwhile, will Senku be able to save the Kingdom of Science in Dr. STONE?!

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