When Life Gives You Chainsaws…

Chainsaw Man is not for the faint of heart!

By Alexis Kirsch October 06, 2020

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You don’t often read a manga and stop to think: “I’m really enjoying this. Is there something wrong with me?!” Chainsaw Man is not your average Shonen Jump series. Sure, it’s darker and more violent than a lot of the series that make up the imprint, but it’s not just that. This series is weird! If you’ve read Fujimoto Sensei’s previous series Fire Punch, you’ll know a little bit about what to expect. And while Chainsaw Man does tone down some things from that insane series, it’s still not a stroll in the park. Well, unless it’s a park filled with severed limbs and gruesome monsters.

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The story starts simple enough. Denji is a young man in a terrible situation. He’s broke and has to hunt monsters called Devils just to barely make ends meet. Luckily, he has a chainsaw dog devil named Pochita to help him. However, when Denji is killed, Pochita gives up his life to save him. And when Denji wakes up, he is now Chainsaw Man! We then see Denji use his new powers as a member of a Devil Extermination Team, where he fights more and more powerful devils. But what really makes this series stand out is the humor and the characters. Those two aspects help balance a series that can often be very bleak. Here are some of the highlights from volume 1!

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Denji’s Motivation
Most Shonen Jump main characters want to be the strongest pirate/ninja/wizard/volleyball player in the world, but not Denji! He just wants to touch a boob. The truth is, Denji has had such a miserable life that he just wants to do normal things. That’s all he needs to be happy. Unfortunately, it’s not easy being Denji…

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With Partners Like These…
Denji soon teams up with Aki and Power. Aki is a senior Devil Hunter who Denji immediately starts off on the wrong foot with. And Power…well, this Blood Fiend has some serious issues. Trusting her might be a big mistake. Can Denji get along with his new teammates long enough to achieve his goals?

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Devils Everywhere
Chainsaw Man has some interesting world-building. Human fears manifest into monsters called Devils. The scarier the thing or concept, the stronger the devil connected to it is. Chainsaws are pretty scary, so Denji does have the strength to fight back. But there are things much more terrifying than a chainsaw…

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