VIDEO GAME: Lollipop Chainsaw Review!

Juliet's a cheerleader with looks and style, but her moves would get her kicked off the squad.
By June 28, 2012

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Lollypop Chainsaw is an over-the-top stylish action game from eccentric game designer Suda 51 (No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned). The game exhibits Suda 51’s trademark crayballs style and absurd humor. You play Juliet—a super ditzy cheerleader/zombie hunter whose boyfriend’s disembodied head hangs on her butt, makes wisecracks, and helps her fight. Yep.

As far as presentation goes, I give this game full marks. Everything is just oozing with style. From the comic book menus, to the great music (Hey, Mickey!) to the fun sparkly stars and rainbows that color the screen when Juliet does her moves. It’s all groovy fun and really neato.

I’ll also give the game credit for humor. For the most part, the jokes are pretty good, and there are a whole lot of them. Foul-mouthed zombies make outrageously nasty threats. Juliet’s hyperactive ditzy attitude is fun. And the game has a lot of ridiculous mini-games like Zombie basketball—where you have to decapitate zombies and make baskets with their head. All this adds up for some seriously silly gaming. You’ll definitely find yourself chuckling as you make your way through.

And there’s plenty of action to keep the most fervent button-pushing maniac satisfied, but unfortunately that’s the ultimate flaw in the game. The combat’s just too clunky. Juliet comes with a variety of moves, but it’s no easy task stringing them together. Considering how many baddies she’s fighting at any given time, her moves just don't flow as smoothly as they should.

Juliet’s a cheerleader with looks and style, but her moves would get her kicked off the squad. But if you love cheesy games, ridiculous set-ups and dirty bird humor, this game is well worth your time. There are many genuine laugh-out-loud moments, if you have the patience to slog through the combat to get to them.

Hint: Save up your super attack! There are times (like the exploding birthday cake section I got stuck on!) when you'll really need it.

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by Urian Brown