The Next Big Hit?

Jujutsu Kaisen is poised to be the next big thing! Find out why! 

By Urian Brown December 05, 2019

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 1 is finally out! This manga has a lot of buzz and with the anime just announced, it is poised to be the next big hit. Read on to see why! 

Ju Jutsu Kaisen Splash

The main character has a reason for fighting. Many shonen manga start with a tragic family death, but there’s something tender and real in the way Itadori and his dying grandfather interact. Even though they only share a few pages in the manga, you can sense the depth of their relationship and why Itadori wants to help others.

Ju Jutsu Grandpa

The main character is really likable. Many shonen heroes are rapscallions full of derring-do, but Itadori has nuance and feels like a more developed character. He’s also really funny and has some of the best lines in the manga.

Ju Jutsu Personality

This manga’s got personality! It’s stuffed with little in jokes and asides that will tickle readers, especially ones that pay close attention. Some of the jokes are obvious, while others are quite subtle.


This guy’s cool.

Gojo Sensei

The battles are amazing! The best battles in manga are the ones that have a technical quality with lots of rules and minutia that fans can geek out on. The jujutsu sorcerers wield all manner of fantastic curse powers that feel realized and the fights are well-thought-out.

Jujutsu Kaisen0055

Jujutsu Kaisen has a likable hero, lots of cool supporting characters, an interesting world, tons of action, great art, plenty of laughs and lots of style. This has all the makings of a big hit! Get it on it now, before it blows up! 

The first volume is available HERE!