Shonen Jump Issue 11/06/17

Freer of the unfamous killer whale "Billy" and SJ Editor Urian Brown takes a look at this week's issue. 

By Urian Brown November 06, 2017

P000 cov 110617 splash

art by Taishi Tsutsui 

Fall has fallen in most parts of the country causing trees to undress and people to put on more clothing, which is why this cover is perfect! I get lost gazing into the many beautiful faces and warming fall colors in the eye-pleasing piece. I guess you'd say I'm really "fall-ing" for this cover! 

We Never Learn
by Taishi Tsutsui

It's festival time! One way Japan has America beat is a number of festivals they have. I've only been to a couple, but they were a blast. The Japanese know how to celebrate and they celebrate a lot of things, so festivals are a regular part of life. But since this is We Never Learn, this festival gets complicated as Yuiga finds himself at the center of many mishaps! Many mishaps involving beautiful women he may or may not have crushes on, that also may or may not have a crush on him. Have fun! 

We Never Learn

Rurouni Kenshin: The Hokkaido Arc
by Nobuhiro Watsuki, story consultant Kaworu Kurosaki

Man, it feels good to have Kenshin back in the magazine. Just seeing his scared, smiley face makes me all warm inside. And Watsuki Sensei hasn't lost a thing since his original series. In fact, if anything I'd say he's upped his game artistically. And storywise, the tale is moving at a brisk pace with plenty to please old school fans and intrigue newcomers. I think we have a hit on our hands, folks! 

One Piece
by Eiichiro Oda

Oh, how the tables have turned in the battle between Luffy and Katakuri! In previous chapters, Katakuri had turned Luffy into a Swiffer and was cleaning the floor with him, but not anymore! But this fight's far from over! Round two, begins! 

One Piece

Golem Hearts
by Gen Osuka

The first chapter of this manga won over the office's (Golem) Hearts, can the second chapter hope to be as charming? Yes and no. The wacky golems and Noah are as funny as ever, but the story takes a dark turn. One that will change the trajectory of Noah's destiny forever! 

The Promised Neverland
story by Kaiu Shirai, art by Posuka Demizu 

Emma and Ray are up to their short little necks in ferocious demons hungry for a kids meal! And their grumpy guide isn't exactly being helpful. They're smart and they've faced many challenges, but there's not a lot of time to think and ammo isn's limitless. Luckily, they do have a lot of experience in running away from things. And they'll need it in this chapter! 

Promised Neverland

Robot x Laserbeam
by Tadatoshi Fujimaki 

After a dramatic parachute entrance, Robo-kun's playing in his first professional golf tournament! A lot has happened to our robotic little buddy since the manga's started, but now he's officially made it to the big leagues. But pro-golf is on a whole different level. Will he surprise everyone, yet again?

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
story by Yuto Tsukuda, art by Shun Saeki

One of the meanest characters in the entire manga has made a complete personality flip thanks to an amazing dish she's served. A dessert that is as beautiful as it is delicious by the magical Momo. Her flowery dish just may be enough to enchant the judges! 


Black Clover
by Yûki Tabata

This has been one wild tournament with each fight getting crazier and crazier! But now the final battle is at hand and it does not disappoint. Yuno versus Rill! Each unleashing spells so powerful it staggers the imagination. Think Yuno who Rill win? Haha, prepare to be blown away by my godawful jokes and this incredible chapter! 

Dr. Stone
story by Riichiro Inagaki, art by Boichi

While the tournament in Black Clover is coming to a close, the one in Dr. Stone is just beginning! But this is the old-fashioned hit-people-in-the-head-with-blunt-objects kind of tournament, no magic or spells here. There may be a little science involved though. Find out what new scientific trick Senku's got up his sleeve! 

Dr Stone

Blue Exorcist
by Kazue Kato

Things have gotten serious in the last few chapters of Blue Exorcist, but this one takes it to a cataclysmic level! I mean, Michael Bay style possible end the world stuff! And in the middle of this vortex of supernatural calamity is Yukio! He's being detained for serious crimes and something satanic is definitely got a hold on him! Is this the end of time? What will happen?! 

Full Drive
by Genki Ono

It's the final chapter of the Full Drive JUMPSTART! It's been a blast reading these three chapters, especially seeing the incredible art! Mangaka Genki Ono has done an excellent job of capturing the speed and intensity of ping-pong and the competitive nature of the players who love it. And remember, if you loved this JUMP START, tell us in the survey

Full Drive

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
story by Takaya Kagami, art by Yamato Yamamoto, storyboards by Daisuke Furuya

Might as well put your brain in the microwave, because this is a mind-melting chapter of Seraph of the End! Finally some answers about Yuichiro's origins and it is not pretty. And although we learn a lot, for every question answered three more spring up! Why? What does it a mean? I don't know! Prepare for maximum boggle! 

Extras: Author Comments, Nihongo Lesson.

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by Urian Brown