New RWBY Manga Explained

Shirow Mira's contribution to the world of Remnant out now.

By Joel Enos January 16, 2018

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A must for die-hard RWBY completists, the DOGS: Bullets & Carnage creator Shirow Miwa revamped, in his own signature style, the four character trailers featuring Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang that all take place before Season 1, before they joined TEAM RWBY.

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Featuring full-color pages (there’s also a fold-out poster in the volume!), Miwa’s adaptation of the “Red Trailer” reworks Ruby’s solo battle against more than her fair share of Grimm, proving without any doubt why she’s team leader.

Rwby1 02 2

Find out what Weiss is thinking behind the music, and the battles, of the “White Trailer”!

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Shirow Miwa’s take on the “Black Trailer” is action packed, but also keeps the deeper moments intact, giving a look into Blake’s complicated past with Adam Taurus, the current leader of the White Fang, as they rob a train full of Dust.

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Yang’s story is a retelling of the “Yellow Trailer,” featuring Yang’s battle with “Junior” Xiong and the vicious Malachite sisters.

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You also get an all-new story, set in time between the events of Season 1 and Season 2 of the animated series, featuring Team RWBY and TEAM JNPR going up against a particularly nasty Grimm!

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