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Aliens Area

Aliens have infiltrated Earth, and some of them are up to no good!

Created by Fusai Naba | MoreLess about Aliens Area

Within the vast emptiness of space, planets like Earth exist in a lawless zone known as Aliens Area. Without the means or the technology to defend themselves, the planet is left at the mercy of extraterrestrial threats. That’s why it’s up to the investigators of Foreign Affairs 5 to protect the citizens of Earth from the aliens who walk among them!

Fusai Naba published his first short series, Taotao in Jump Giga in Japan in 2017, and one year later he published the one-shot “Apollo” in Shonen Jump. Naba returned to Shonen Jump in 2020 with the short series Harakiri Gomen (Sorry for Committing Harakiri). In 2022, Fusai Naba began serialization of his first full-length series, Aliens Area, in Shonen Jump.

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Aliens Area, Vol. 1

After losing his parents in a freak accident, high schooler Tatsumi Tatsunami is doing his best just to get by and provide for his younger siblings. But his life gets a whole lot more complicated when he’s attacked by aliens! Saved by a mysterious man named Sharaku who belongs to the even more mysterious organization called Foreign Affairs 5, Tatsumi will have an important decision to make if he wants to figure out why these aliens are after his life!

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