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A zany space adventure by the creator of Reborn!!

Created by Akira Amano | MoreLess about élDLIVE

Chuta Kokonose is like any other middle school student. He’s easily distracted, says things he shouldn’t say out loud and accidentally creeped out the prettiest girl in his class—and all of his problems could be avoided if it weren’t for the mysterious voice in his head. One day, Inspector Chips of the space police élDLIVE appears in his locker and seeks to recruit him. But first, he’ll have to pass their entrance test: apprehending a notorious space criminal!

Akira Amano was born in Aichi Prefecture, located in central Japan. After early versions of the series were published in seinen (young men’s) manga magazines, Reborn! first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump as a stand-alone short story in late 2003. The massive success of this one-shot story led Weekly Shonen Jump to begin serializing Reborn! in mid-2004. Amano’s work, with its entertaining mix of action, comedy and drama, remains extremely popular with readers.

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élDLIVE, Vol. 8

Captain Madigan is a traitor?! Chuta can't believe his ears when he overhears Madigan feeding information to Heaven Siders' Alba! Madigan eggs Chuta on, provoking him to attack--and Chuta complies! The other élDlive officers notice the fight and join Chuta in taking the traitor down. But something seems off about Madigan...

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