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Ultimate Muscle

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Ultimate Muscle, Vol. 29

Final Volume!

Battle 29

This is it, Muscleheads. That's right--we've coined a new term for those of us whose passion for Ultimate Muscle has carried us all the way to volume 29 of the interplanetary superhuman wrestling epic. We are the few, the proud, the Muscleheads. And now it's time to hope that Kid Muscle can, against all odds, make us proud.

Can Kid Muscle save Meat and planet Earth from the mind-numbing evil of General Terror? Can the ruthless, flawless Shivano be defeated? Can Kevin Mask and countless others be avenged for the havoc wreaked by the Demon Seeds? When these and other questions have been answered, stick around for piles of bonus material, including an epic flashback to the adventures of legendary Muscle League heroes Robin Mask and Terry the Kid!

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