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Tokyo Shinobi Squad

In a future lawless Tokyo, retribution is delivered by shinobi!

Created by Yuki Tanaka and Kento Matsuura | MoreLess about Tokyo Shinobi Squad

It is the year 2049. Tokyo has become the greatest center of crime in the world, and shinobi have come out into public view. As violence sweeps the underworld, Jin Narumi and his elite shinobi crew rescue the weak and destroy the wicked. A story of near-future sci-fi ninja action begins!

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Tokyo Shinobi Squad, Vol. 1

After Japan opened its borders, the entire country quickly became a hot spot for crime and violence. Jin Narumi, a shinobi who isn’t pleased with the changes that have overtaken his homeland, vows to protect those who can’t protect themselves. On one of his usual outings, he runs into a young boy named En who is being chased by a known gang of criminals. But there is more to En than meets the eye, as under his simple appearance lies power…the power of a shinobi!

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