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Ren's drug use is spiraling out of control and he doesn't want to drag Trapnest down with him. Neither Takumi nor Reira are willing to let Ren quit the band, and both do their best to give him the time he needs to get it together. But Ren isn't sure this is something he can handle on his own. Will he turn to Nana for help, or will their strained relationship make him try to face his demons alone?

Story and Art by Ai Yazawa
Release January 5, 2010
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-3075-8
eISBN-13 978-1-4215-5985-8
Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2
Imprint Shojo Beat
Length 194 pages
Series Nana
Category Manga
Age Rating Mature