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Change Your Perspective--Get BIG

A Collection of Volumes 7 - 9!

Tamahome's love for Miaka has broken Nakago's hold over him, and his memory has returned. Miaka, thinking she now has all seven Celestial Warriors, starts the ceremony to summon Suzaku, only to discover that one of the warriors is an impostor--he's really the Seiryu Celestial Warrior Amiboshi! But when the real warrior Chiriko is discovered, the ceremony will no longer work. Now Miaka must travel to Genbu to find another way to summon Suzaku with a sacred treasure called the shentso-pao. Meanwhile, Yui learns that she too must travel to Genbu to summon Seiryu!

Story and Art by Yuu Watase
Release September 15, 2009
ISBN-13 978-1-4215-2301-9
eISBN-13 978-1-4215-5826-4
Trim Size 5 3/4 × 8 5/8 (w/gatefold flaps )
Imprint Shojo Beat
Length 600 pages
Category Manga
Age Rating Teen Plus