"Doctor, Doctor, Doctor..." Yes, it's time to introduce our entire panel of M.D.s , Ph.D.s, and sex-offender parolees, as Dr Kabapu introduces his "Q," technical advisor Dr. Shiouji. Egotistical, narcissistic, demented--this is the mind behind the powerful, yet poorly-tested weapons Fukuoka's finest have been issued. But is there a dark side to this public-spirited defense contractor? Does he have an unnatural attraction to his high-powered and higher-pitched android schoolkid, Ropponmatsu II--and if so, what exactly would a normal, healthy attraction to her look like? Our third Doctor, Iwata, locked up like Lecter in a straightjacket and cell, could maybe answer this, if his mouth wasn't sealed with carpet tape. Warning: don't get too excited by the use of the word sex earlier in this blurb. T-rated, pal; that's what it says, right there in the bottom corner.

Story and Art by Rikdo Koshi
Release February 4, 2004
UPC 7-82009-14753-4
ISBN-13 978-1-59116-136-3
Trim Size 5 × 7 1/2
Imprint VIZ Media
Length 208 pages
Series Excel Saga
Category Manga
Age Rating   Teen