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Nue’s Exorcist

A powerful spirit awaits the right human to free her—and she’s ready for some PVP!

Created by Kota Kawae | MoreLess about Nue’s Exorcist

For as long as he can remember, Gakuro Yajima’s been able to see spirits—beings that are drawn to human sadness and anger. A fateful encounter with a quirky pop culture–loving spirit named Nue marks the start of Gakuro’s spirit-exorcist adventure!

Born April 10, Kota Kawae began his professional manga career in 2019 with the one-shot “Tabidachi no Yoru” (The Night of Departure), which won a Jump New World Manga Award. He likes to browse bookshops in his spare time. Nue’s Exorcist began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2023.

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Nue’s Exorcist, Vol. 1

Outcast Gakuro Yajima has always been able to see spirits, and his only goal in life has been to avoid them and try to live in peace. One day, he accidentally enters a sealed, hidden room and meets Nue, a quirky spirit who asks him to defeat the spirits roaming inside the school. Gakuro is reluctant to take her up on the offer, but the evil spirits won’t be waiting patiently for him to make up his mind…

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