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Magu-chan: God of Destruction

A washed-up god of destruction finds the human world quite perplexing.

Created by Kei Kamiki | MoreLess about Magu-chan: God of Destruction

Long, long ago, the Gods of Chaos were worshipped and feared all over the world. One in particular, Mag Menuek, god of destruction, was the most fearsome of all. But his reign ended when the Holy Knights sealed him away inside a gem for what they thought was forever…until one day, eons later, when that gem washes up on the shores of a rural seaside town in Japan and is picked up by a young girl named Ruru.

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Magu-chan: God of Destruction, Vol. 4

At long last, Ruru is finally reunited with her mother, who has been working abroad and unable to come home. She’s excited that the two–er, with Magu-chan, make that three of them will get to spend the holidays together! Then, after her mother returns to work, the turning of the seasons brings with it a new transfer student! Izuma of the Holy Knighthood has transferred to Ruru’s school to keep an eye on her and Magu-chan! Meanwhile, more Gods of Chaos stir from their slumber as their seals are broken one by one…

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