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My Special One

A girl who has sworn off beautiful boys meets a pop star determined to win her heart!

Created by Momoko Koda | MoreLess about My Special One

After a mortifying rejection, Sahoko Wakaume has sworn off beautiful boys. But a chance meeting puts her in the sights of gorgeous J-pop star Kouta Kirigaya of the group Like Legend. Sahoko will need all her cynicism to defend herself against Kouta’s tenderhearted and affectionate attacks to win her heart!

Momoko Koda’s birthday is September 24. She began her professional manga career in 2002 with “Tamagoyaki” (Rolled Omelet) in Bessatsu Margaret magazine. In 2015, her series No Longer Heroine was made into a live-action film. My Special One began serialization in 2019.

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My Special One, Vol. 6

Actress Emika Nanase is in love with idol Kanato, but she’s stuck in the friend zone! When the perfect opportunity comes along—a chance to costar with Kanato in a TV drama—she does her best to bring the two of them closer together. But being a top-notch actress doesn’t help her avoid being a total mess when she’s around her crush!

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