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The king of insects will sweep you off your feet!

Created by Tomohiro Hasegawa | MoreLess about Moriking

Shota Aikawa loves bugs. His sister, Shoko, hates them. One summer, Shota takes on the responsibility of raising Moriking, a rhinoceros beetle. But when the larva emerges from its pupa as an attractive man with a horn and crown on his head, Shota’s summer becomes a lot more interesting! And Shoko’s a lot more miserable…

Tomohiro Hasegawa was born on July 31, 1990. In 2012 he participated in Shonen Jump’s Golden Future Cup with the one shot, Koi no Cupid Yakenohara Jin (Love’s Cupid Jin Yakenohara), which was later serialized in 2013. His second series, Spring Weapon No. 1, was published in 2016. His third series, Moriking began serialization in 2020.

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Moriking, Vol. 1

Shota, a bug fanatic, takes on the responsibility of raising a rhinoceros beetle named Moriking. His sister, Shoko, wants nothing to do with it. Things take a turn for the crazy when Moriking emerges from his pupa as an attractive man with a horn and crown on his head. Thanks to Shota’s love and care, Moriking has super evolved and is actually a candidate in the contest to become the king of the forest! And Shoko is having none of it!

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