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Agravity Boys

A bro-tastic space comedy adventure!

Created by Atsushi Nakamura | MoreLess about Agravity Boys

Space—the final frontier. Four young men from the Freedom Federation are sent on a mission of intergalactic space exploration, only to get sucked into a black hole and stranded on the planet a-Jumbro. Thus begin their wacky adventures on an unexplored planet!

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Agravity Boys, Vol. 6

The Testanisari Conseirgen Conglomorate are throwing everything they have at the Agravity Mining Company, but the boys are too brilliant—or too stupid—to notice. Frustrated with the lack of progress, the head of the company, Testanisari Alesta himself, confronts the boys head-on! Or rather…nipples first? The eccentric superrich alien has fallen in love with the Urth custom of hei-kus, so much so that he hangs a slip of paper with a unique hei-ku from his nipples every day. And the only way he’ll back down is with a nipple-hanging hei-ku showdown! May the best pervert—no, the best poet win!

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