Agravity Boys
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Agravity Boys

A bro-tastic space comedy adventure!

Created by Atsushi Nakamura | MoreLess about Agravity Boys

Space—the final frontier. Four young men from the Freedom Federation are sent on a mission of intergalactic space exploration, only to get sucked into a black hole and stranded on the planet a-Jumbro. Thus begin their wacky adventures on an unexplored planet!

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Agravity Boys, Vol. 1

Saga Tachikaze, Geralt Zeman, Chris Erwitt and Babazulagi Kiplagat set out from 2119 AD Earth on a 20-year mission to explore the earth like planet a-Jumbro. But not long after takeoff, all communication with Earth suddenly ceases and they are sucked into a black hole that takes them to their destination in only a few days! Suddenly, a higher dimension being appears before them, informing them of Earth and humanity’s demise. With the knowledge that they are the last remaining humans, the task of repopulating the human race falls to these four boys… But the 5th Dimensional Being leaves them with a gift—a potion to allow one of the four boys to transform into a girl... Genar-diversion!

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