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The adventures of a liar and his band of friends who use lies to do good.

Created by Yuuki Iinuma | MoreLess about Itsuwaribito

Utsuho’s truthfulness as a child resulted in an enormous catastrophe, and he decided to lie from that day forward. Raised in a village of orphans by a monk, Utsuho is an unrepentant troublemaker. The monk eventually inspires him to help people, but there’s no way Utsuho’s going to lead an honest life! Instead, he’s going to use his talents for mischief and deception for good!

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Itsuwaribito, Vol. 20

Utsuho and his companions continue their fierce confrontation with “hero” and itsuwaribito Gin Hobaku, who has the Land of Owari firmly under his thumb. Gin’s underlings, believing themselves superior to Utsuho’s friends, now find that those same friends are not quite the pushovers they thought they were! In the main event, however, it’s Utsuho against Gin, a foe who has defeated him once already and outwitted him at nearly every turn!

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