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Insomniacs After School

Sleepless teens find kinship as they escape to their school’s observatory.

Created by Makoto Ojiro | MoreLess about Insomniacs After School

Unable to sleep at night, Ganta Nakami is cranky in class and unpopular with his classmates. He discovers that the school observatory, once used by the now-defunct astronomy club, may be the perfect place for a nap—but he’s not alone. Fellow insomniac Isaki Magari is willing to share the observatory with Nakami, and a friendship between the two begins as they bond over the most unlikely of things.

Makoto Ojiro began her career in manga as an assistant at the age of 19. Her Neko no Otera no Chion-san (Cat Temple’s Miss Chion) won the Bros. Comic Award in 2016. Insomniacs After School began serialization in 2019 and has been adapted into an anime and a live-action film.
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Insomniacs After School, Vol. 4

After discovering the source of Magari’s insomnia, Nakami and Magari implement a new nighttime routine, hoping to improve their sleep. With the Perseid meteor shower viewing party and the national photo contest still to come, it’s shaping up to be an eventful summer for this pair of insomniacs!

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