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Sometimes slowing down is the best way to move forward.

Created by Keigo Shinzo | MoreLess about Hirayasumi

At 29 years old, carefree Hiroto Ikuta doesn’t have a girlfriend, a full-time job, or a plan for the future—and he couldn’t be happier. Hiroto’s breezy attitude isn’t easy for everyone to understand, though. In a world filled with anxiety, confusion, and grief, Hiroto and the people who surround him are all just doing their best to figure out this thing called life.

Keigo Shinzo debuted as a manga creator in 2008 with his work “Nankin” and has since gone on to create award-winning hits such as Bokura no Funkasai (Our Eruption Festival). In 2016, his work Moriyamachuu Kyoushuujo (Moriyamachu Driving School) was made into a movie, and two years later, his series Tokyo Alien Bros. was adapted into a live-action drama. During the coronavirus pandemic, when Keigo was diagnosed with lymphoma, he decided to write the one-shot “Akusei Rinpashu de Nyuuin shita Toki no Koto” (About the Time I Was Hospitalized for Malignant Lymphoma), in which he chronicles his road to recovery as well as how he got the idea for his award-nominated series Hirayasumi.

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Hirayasumi, Vol. 1

After developing an unlikely friendship with the grouchy old woman who lives in his neighborhood, Hiroto suddenly finds himself inheriting not just her house but some rather difficult emotions as well. His 18-year-old cousin, Natsumi, moves in with him, but as a struggling art student, she has her own troubles to deal with and may just put Hiroto’s easygoing lifestyle to the test.

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