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Professional troubleshooters will take on any case—if the price is right!

Created by Yuto Sano | MoreLess about Gokurakugai

The troubleshooters of Gokurakugai are open for business! In a run-down town without law and order, Alma and Tao accept work from clientele of all creeds and cultures, and they’re always ready to dole out justice against human-devouring monsters that lurk in the shadows. They’ll take on any case—as long as the price is right!

Yuto Sano is a Japanese manga artist whose previously published one-shots include “Lawless Kid” and “Gokurakugai: Trouble on Third Avenue.” Gokurakugai began serialization in Jump Square in 2022.
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Gokurakugai, Vol. 2

While investigating the case of the serial hanging murders around the temple where he and Tao previously fought a horde of maga, Alma runs into a mysterious young man. He’s so timid and quiet that Alma graciously surrenders one of his beloved snacks to the stranger, but there’s a reason Tao says to be careful with the quiet ones…

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