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Captive Hearts

Created by Matsuri Hino | MoreLess about Captive Hearts

Matsuri Hino burst onto the manga scene with her title Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), which was published in LaLa DX magazine. Hino became a manga artist a mere nine months after she decided to become one. With the success of her popular series Captive Hearts, MeruPuri and Vampire Knight, Hino has established herself as a major player in the world of shojo manga.

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Captive Hearts, Vol. 1

Being carried around everywhere and having handsome Megumi act like a slave may seem ideal, but Suzuka just wishes he would stop. Can anything be done about Megumi's captive state? Or is Megumi doomed to see Suzuka as his master...forever?

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