Boys Over Flowers

Created by Yoko Kamio | MoreLess about Boys Over Flowers

Although Tsukushi Makino is from a poor family, she attends an elite school for the super rich, where her life has become intertwined with the “F4,” the ruling boys of the school, in a whirlwind of love and confusion!

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Boys Over Flowers Season 2, Vol. 5

Haruto Kaguragi stands atop the wealthy elite of Eitoku Academy, but he’s secretly in love with its poorest student, Oto Edogawa. After Haruto and Megumi bump into Oto and Tenma at the amusement park, they decide to go on a double date. But when Haruto finds himself alone on the Ferris wheel with Oto, he attempts to confess his feelings. Too bad a freak accident spoils his plans! Later that night, Oto comes to his house to finish where they left off…

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September 16, 2017

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Chapter 57
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September 2, 2017

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Chapter 56
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August 19, 2017

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Chapter 55
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August 5, 2017

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Chapter 54
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